Why should I buy a GAUZER solar water heater?

The hot water use has become an inextricable part of our daily routine. Either we talk about a hot shower after a hard day or hot water for the dishes, the solar water heater is the most economical and ecological way to heat water.

The solar water heater gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the unlimited solar energy and to unburden ourselves from the overpriced power bills without denying hot water!

How many litres per boiler do I need?

Based on statistics, the average consumption of hot water is 40 lt per adult daily.

  • For up to 3 people, we recommend a 120lt solar boiler.
  • For up to 4 people, we recommend a 160lt solar boiler.
  • For 5-6 people, we recommend a 200lt solar boiler.
  • For up to 8-9 people, we recommend a 300lt solar boiler.
  • For up to 10-12 people, we recommend a 400lt solar boiler.

How does a solar boiler work?


The solar boiler uses a closed circuit of water in order to transfer the sun heat into service water.

The sun heat the water of the closed circuit, which is in the solar collectors (1). The water of the circuit, that is heated, climbs up and is leaded circumferentially of the boiler with the service water in order to heat it (2).

In the boiler, the service water, as it is heated, is divided into layers with the hot water climbing to the top of the boiler and the cold water remains to the bottom. From the upper part of the boiler (3), the hot service water is circulated to be used, whilst fresh cold water enters the lower part (4).

Meanwhile, as the circuit water is cooled (because of the fact that the heat is transferred to the service water), it flows again back to the solar collectors (5) so that it is heated again and that the circle is continued for as long as the sun heats the surface of the solar collectors.

What is the life span of a solar boiler GAUZER?

A solar boiler GAUZER, once it is properly maintained, it has a life spam of 20 to 25 years.

What kind of maintenance does a solar boiler GAUZER need?

The solar boiler GAUZER needs a maintenance procedure every three (3) years.The maintenance includes at least:

  • Change of the magnesium rod, that protects the boiler from electrolysis.
  • Cleaning of the closed circuit, as well as new liquids installation (special anti-frosting, ant oxidative with water)
  • Control and replacement, if needed, of the safety valve (1 bar) of the boiler

How much time is needed for the depreciation of my investment to a solar boiler?

The depreciation time is always directly related to the weather conditions existing in any occasion. Judging by the data given by the National Meteorological Service about the average sunshine in Greece per year, as well as by the current prices of petrol and electrical power, the cost of an average solar system may be covered within 3 years, whilst GAUZER provides you a 5-year-long warranty, under the condition of a service conduction upon 3 years of use.

What happens in the drain back solar systems?

The thermally conductive liquid (which is used in proportion of 60% of water and 40% of liquid) is circulated in a closed system without pressure and transfers heat from the solar collectors into the HSW (hot service water) through a heat exchanger. When the temperature in the solar collectors falls lower than that of the boiler, or when the temperature of the system exceeds 85C/ 185F, the pump of the system closes and the thermally conductive liquid drain from the collectors and the pipelines evacuating completely the closed circuit. This way, the system remains safe from overheating, since the heat transfer to the boiler is interrupted, while at the same time, it is protected by the frost, since there is no water left to be frozen or to cause uncontrollable damage.

Does my house need to meet some specific standards in order to install a solar boiler?

No! The solar boiler can be installed  in any and all kinds of houses, whether they have a flat or a slopping roof. The technical counselor of GAUZER may tell you exactly what you need and through a series of applications, we may facilitate its installation.

In case of an address change, how difficult is the re-installation of the solar system?

For the solar system GAUZER, the procedure is simple. However, it needs to be conducted by a specialized crew. Contact us in order to recommend to you our selected partners.