THE COMPANY: GAUZER is one of the leading companies in the sector of solar energy and heating in Greece. It started in 1972 as a family business by the engineer Dionisios Xenos, and its scope of action was the production of electric heat accumulators. Today, it completes 44 years of uninterrupted presence in the greek and international market, with great co-operations, constant evolution of its  products and services, as well as stable investment in the competency of the solar heating systems construction. Its leading part in our country as well as its expansion in other countries of the world is naturally the destination of a company, which is able to offer to both individuals and professionals a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • Peak products of the guaranteed highest quality
  • High level technological equipment
  • Highly qualifies technical stuff
  • Consultancy and practical guidance to our clients at the phase of establishment, in order to achieve the best results
  • Professionalism, consistency and of course care and love for our course of action
  • Direct coverage of our clients’ needs, from the simplest to the most personalized one, since we have our own production unit in our disposal
  • Security of a label, which constantly innovates and with insured effectiveness
  • The credibility of the sole company in Greece and one of the four ones globally, which lives up to the expectations of the challenging drain back heating model
  • The security of a company, which is trusted by individuals, companies and professional units in Central and North Europe, Middle East and West Africa


Our motivating power is the dedication to the quality of our products as well as of our clients lives. The GAUZER heating systems, being directly associated with the well-being of those who trust us, are distinct by the technological superiority, the constructive innovation and their persistence in time and in comparison. Our license of success are the long-term relationships we have with our partners, since every solar system we provide ourselves and trade exceeds even the highest expectations, covers even the most demanding need and justifies the choice of GAUZER through time.


Today, GAUZER is the safest choice for innovative solar and domestic heating systems. The categories of products it produces, trades and supplies are:

  • Integra- Solar drain back system
  • Passive solar systems OPTIMA
  • Solar collectors and Passive Solar Systems Dionissos
  • Special constructions for personalized demands
  • Gas/ Wood/ Pellet heating systems
  • Complementary heating products