Solar Water Heaters


The  Dionissos line of collectors and systems constitutes one of the best examples of the innovation and quality of GAUZER. High standards, superior technology and certifications by the most valid and strict international organizations, classify it as one of the most suitable choices for

  • Demanding establishments
  • Forced Circulation Systems

The comparative advantages of Dionissos collectors and systems  are:

  • ESPECIALLY REINFORCED CONSTRUCTION, which is persistent under even the most extreme conditions
  • HIGH EFFECTIVENESS thanks to the functional innovation, even with medium or minor sunshine


Boiler GLASS 120lt, 160lt, 200lt and 400lt

Outer Jacket Special aluminum alloy for 100% ant oxidative protection
Side lids Highly persistent grey PVC for unlimited life spam, whilst the choice of aluminum, such as the outer one is also provided on request
Perimeter Insulation Die-cast polyurethane of 5cm-8cm thickness and 40kg/m3 density, by special machinery without CGC
Boiler Made of steel DCP (EN-10130/2006) of 2.5mm thickness. It is GLASS type with double enamelling at 890 C (DIN) for excellent water quality (the water remains potable, just like the network water)
Perimeter Exchanger Made of steel DCP (EN 10130/2006) of 1.5mm thickness, it covers 70% of the surface of the boiler, providing an exploitation rate higher than 92%
Electrical Resistance 4Kw with an adjustable thermostat and a protecting magnesium rod for the protection of the boiler from the phenomenon of electrolysis
Certificates Certificates of quality and safety CE, based on the European standards EN-12976 & EN-12897
Additional Features They may be connected to the central heating system

Dionissos Collector

Collector Frame Jointless aluminum profile, dyed with a special black dye for higher persistent and effectiveness
Crystal Multi-prism crystal of high permeability for maximum absorption of the solar radiation and highly persistent (shatter-proof) for maximum persistence against any and all kinds of weather conditions
Absorber Selective absorber made of aluminum-titanium, with absorption rate up to 95% and functionality even under mild cloudiness
Back Insulation Stone wool of 6cm thickness
Side Insulation Glass wool of 2.5cm
Crystal Sealing Special tyre EPDM
Base Galvanized steel of 2.5mm thickness


Go through the dimensions and the technical features of Dionissos systems carefully, downloading the PDF.


  • Now, with a new mounting base, which offers better weight distribution and better support, the solar collector Dionissos is even more elegant and stable than ever.
  • Furthermore, GAUZER provides a 5-year-long warranty, under the solar condition of a service conduction (change of magnesium rod & closed circuit liquids) during the third year.