The ideal drain back system up to 200lt

Integra is a complete solar system foe hot water production, up to 200lt, the function of which is based on the drain back procedure.

More specifically, the thermally conductive liquid (which is used in proportion of 60% of water and 40% of liquid) circulates in a closed system without pressureand transmits heat from the solar collectors to the HSW (hot service water), through a heat exchanger. When the temperature in the solar collectors falls at lower levels that the one of the boiler or when the system temperature exceeds 85C/185F, the pump of the system closes and the thermally conductive liquid drains back from the collectors and the pipelines, depleting completely the closed circuit.

This way, the system remains safe from overheating, since the heat transfer in the boiler is interrupted, whilst, at the same time it is protected from the frost, there is no water to be frozen and to cause uncontrollable damage.

Integra provides the company or the family that chooses it a series of unconquerable advantages, such as:

  • MONEY SAVING, thanks to the minimization of the damages and the use of fewer parts, because of the non-pressure function
  • LOW COST OF MAINTENANCE since it has zero damage risk
  • SIMPLE AND EASY INSTALLATION, since it abolishes many of the parts of a typical forced circulation system (expansion tank, control valve, pressure indicator, ventilator)
  • REINFORCED PROTECTION FROM A BLACKOUT, since the circuit drains automatically and, that way, it remains protected until the power restoration, withoutstable water remaining, which may cause overheating or frost
  • HIGHER EFFECTIVENESS, with produced hot water for a longer period of time, since it prevents the heat reversal during the night, so it minimizes the heat losses

An Integra drain back system is composed by:

Boiler of 200lt Differential Thermostat Especially designed Circulator Two especially Designed Solar collectors Dionissos Bases for both of the two collectors

See here the outer dimensions of
an Integra drain back solar system


Boiler of 200lt

It is enameled at 850 C and it provides a continuous protection, whilst, in combination with the magnesium rod, it secures a long life spam and effective function.

Also, it disposes:

  • two exchangers (for the connection to the solar system, as well as the central heating)
  • a 4KW electrical resistance
  • control valve and magnesium rod
  • inspection flange
  • recirculation potential

Differential thermostat

The 200lt Integra disposes an advanced control system, which provides with a lot of capacities of control and supervision of the temperature difference between the collectors and the boiler. The function of the circulator is also controlled by this control unit.

Especially designed circulator

photo here…

Two especially designed solar collectors Dionissos

Every drain back collector Dionissos Drain is a highly effective flat collector sealed with EPDM and capped with a special multi-prism crystal of high persistence and permeability. The collectors dispose side and back insulation of stone wool.

Bases for both of the collectorss

Thanks to the compact base of the collectors, as well as to the installation application provided by GAUZER, the installation of the drain back Integra, may be conducted in both flat and slopping roofs.