The leading solar water-heater at the best prices ever! A result of high-quality manufacturing and top-grade materials the solar heater TERMOMAX  offers top performance at an affordable price.

The steel water-tank is enameled with double layer of liquid glass and at 860 oC offering unlimited life and the best quality hot water. The hot water produced by  TERMOMAX   remains potable!

The excellent solar collector uses an aluminum-titanium absorber that offers plenty of hot water almost all-year round. The absorber is protected by 4mm security glass that is difficult to break and withstands easily every type of weather.

  • TERMOMAX  is a closed-loop solar water heater with a jacket-type heat exchanger that guarantees plenty of hot water produced.
  • The high density insulation (45kg/m3) maintain your hot water even in a very low temperature environment.
  • The input and output tubes of the water tank are designed to be extremely resistant to corrosion even if the solar system is placed in near-shore areas.
  • The outer casing is made from pre-painted galvanized steel for maximum protection and a pleasing look.
  • The solar collector’s case has an innovative design with 8 ventilation points for perfect water draining and a long usable life.
  • The collector’s absorber is made from aluminum and titanium. Copper tubes are laser-welded on its back with one continuous seem for maximum energy transfer and endurance.


Model 120/2 160/2,4 200/2,4 200/4
Recommended no. of users 2-3 4-5 5-6 6-7
Solar collector
Surface (m2) / Collectors no. 2m2 / 1 2.4m2 / 1 2.4m2 / 1 2m2 / 2
Absorber welding laser
Absorption rate a > 95%
Emission rate e < 5%
Case Pressed Aluminum
Insulation Rockwool 6cm
Glass tempered 4mm (security), low-iron (transmittance > 92%)
Efficiency > 90%
Certifications Solar-Keymark
Water tank
Capacity (lt) 118 157 196 196
Steel type tank/jacket Steel DC 2,5mm / Deal DC 1,5mm (κατά DIN 10130)
Protection Direct enameling (DIN 4753/3) & magnesium rod 300mm (DIN 4753/6)
Antifreeze/antirust Antifreeze Pro (based on propylene glycol)
Insulation Polyurethane foam (45kg/m3) 60mm thick
Electric element 4kw Φ140 – 8screws
Connection with heating Triple heating models
Base (flat/inclined) Galvanized steel 2mm thick
Connection accessories All relevant accessories are included